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The Different Factors about Employment Discrimination

Discrimination today is very common, and is actually happening. It is happening anywhere in the world, whether at home, school or work. The thing is, it is quite hard to distinguished a discrimination act because a person may reason out something to get away with it.

Discrimination has significantly affect the economy we are in now. Unemployment cases has increase for the past years. There is a high trend of job seekers today. Companies becomes very keen in hiring employees because of the rise of applicants. Factors such as experience and educational attainment has used by the employers during pre employment process. But other companies are using illegal actions that may appear to be an employment discrimination. A lot of people do not know what an employment discrimination is. Newly graduates, or first time applicants was victimize by this employment discrimination.

Here are some factors that appears to be employment discrimination. There was a report that age discrimination was the most common factor in employment discrimination. Although qualified for the job, some companies have ignored applicants because of their age, it is either you are too young to lack experience or too old to fit for the job. Being a lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangender is actually being discriminated by some of the companies, they prefer applicants that does not belong to the LGBT. Racial discrimination in employment also top the list of employment discrimination. Some companies prefer to accept applicants with same race or nationality. Companies have set their rules and regulations, some of this companies does not excuse employees or applicants with religious beliefs and tradition which results to the decline of the applicants application. Having physical disability has also an effect on hiring an applicant to employment, and this is a form of employment discrimination.

And because of this employment discrimination, an Act under the Civil Rights in 1964 has evidently prove that this employment discrimination is illegal. In this act, it was discussed that employers are forbidden to discriminate applicants base on their religion, race or nationality, sex, age and physical disability. However, specific areas that requires physical strength excuses this discrimination.

Offenders can be help responsible and be legally sued for their discrimination acts. Unfortunately, it is no doubt that this employment discrimination still is present to some companies even though their are legal actions about it. Seeking legal advice from you attorney will help you learn more about employment discrimination and what action you will take on it. For more informations, you can search more about employment discrimination in the internet.