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Tips On How To Cure Panic Attack When It Happens On You.

Fear makes the body lose focus and make you think about imaginary things that can affect you.Panic attacks are serious and can lead to panic disorders if you do not know how to manage them. Some people also feel chest pains when they have panic attacks and may think it is a heart attack. Other attacks can happen because you have seen or heard something that you feared it would happen like accident or robbery.Panic attacks are manageable and you can cure them when they happen. The following are some of the strategies of getting through panic attacks when they happen to you.

When you experience a panic attack try to calm down and take slow deep breaths at intervals. The urge to breath fast is tempting but always remain calm and control the breathing.

Take your mind off the fear that you are dying of heart attack and try to focus on the techniques of curing panic attack. Have an inner voice that assures you that the problem is just temporary and you will be okay because the attack is manageable.

During the attack, notice if there are any stimuli around you that trigger the attack and if there is any close your eyes. Try forgetting that you are having an attack and feel things around you like feeling you clothes texture to help you detach from reality.

Focus on a single object around and think about it alone.You can also try to figure yourself in a beautiful location like out on the beach.

Move your muscles to try and relax them so that blood can be able to circulate well as you reduce the attack.If you have people around you let them massage your muscles to reduce the tension.

You can also take prescription medicines called benzodiazepines to cure the panic attack. If the panic attacks have become frequent, you can have the oil close so that you apply on your palms and smell the scent for the soothing effect.

Do some physical exercise when you experience an attack.You can also try being social with the people around. If you are among people who make you nervous, take a leave and be in a place that makes you feel safe.

Controlling your mind is the first step to curing panic attacks. Be confident and trust in your body abilities to cure the attack and set your mind positively towards the attack.

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